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    Get the most out of your Insulation. Address your air leaks.

    Installing insulation of any type will save you money, but beyond R-13, it delivers minimal and decreasing returns on your investment. To get the maximum from insulation you need an air barrier to stop up your air leaks. Having done this, you can expect a 40% increase in efficiency.

    This is one of the main benefits of Spray Foam Insulation, it fills voids, creating a very effective air barrier.

    Typical air leakage sites

    1. Joints at windows

    2. Joints between walls and ceilings

    3. Ceiling light fixtures

    4. Chimney leaks air continuously

    5. Plumbing stack penetrations

    6. Chimney penetration of ceiling

    7. Vents from bathrooms and kitchen

    8. Electrical outlets

    9. Cable entry points for electrical service, cable and TV

    10. Leaks in ductwork

    11. Joints between joists and basement

    12. Joints between sill and floor

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